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The Manufacturing & Applications

A metal working process in which there is an extension in the length of the material with the help of tensile forces is known as drawing. Drawing is predominantly performed at room temperatures. This process is also known as cold drawing. To start with, the process of cold drawing involves lubrication of the tube with phosphate or oil as lubricants. The tube is then push pointed and cold drawn. The finished product is then subjected to a thermal treatment called annealing. Prior to cold drawing, the steel goes through a process of cold rolling. This is done to enhance the properties of the finished product for a better performance across a wide range of industries.

A Turk’s Head or a carbide die is used to change the metals shape and size. This is mainly done by pulling the material through the dies. This process can be classified into two types – Sheet metal drawing and wire rod drawing. Wire rods are steel products rolled and manufactured from a semi-finished steel with a rounded, rectangular, squared or a hexagonal shape. The wire rods and coils are first drawn through a coil to increase their length and subsequently decrease their diameter. Coils are formed by wrapping these wires into concentric circles, with fine cross sections obtained from cold drawing.


The process of cold drawing has a wide range of benefits:

Enhanced industrial quality

Improved mesh quality

It increases the efficiency of electrodes

The dimensional tolerances are more accurate

Cold drawn wire rods & coils have an increase in their yield efficiency & tensile properties


These enhanced mechanical properties exhibited by the finished products through this process augments their performance and are therefore used widely in a spectrum of industries as their primary materials. Some of its applications are listed as under:

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