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Manufacturing of Peeled & Ground Bar

The manufacturing of Peeled and Ground bars involves the process of pre straightening, reeling and peeling of Hot Rolled Bars. Subsequently, this product is further subjected to the process of centreless grinding. The primary process involved in the manufacturing of Peeled and Ground Bars is peeling. This process encompasses the production by chip removing and machining and thereafter the grinding of the round peeled bars. It helps eliminate the surface cracks, the oxide content and the cooled layers of the skin. A reduced tolerance range is set at the end of this process and even the surface tension that is obtained at the finish is homogeneous and controlled. Due to this quality, the subsequent manufacturing processes for this product will require lesser machining.

These products may also be produced through the process of either cold drawing or turning or a combination of both. Peeled and Ground Bars are manufactured to cater to a wide range of grades and sizes corresponding directly to the various specifications of steel. The requested specifications and dimensions are mainly achieved during the peeling process on the machined parts. The dimensions can be adjusted for enhanced surface quality factors, accurate dimensions and roundness. The bar peeling method as a process is comparatively advantageous to the conventional method of turning. It comprises the process of machining that has a low production cost but provides higher productivity due to the shorter time required for throughput.


The application of these products varies across industries and geographies. But more often, they are primarily used in an intermediate stage in the production of components that have to still be further processed. Axel components required for the automobile industry are one such example.

Industries We Cater

These components may also find their application in the following industries:

Machine Tool Industry

Automotive Industry

Screws Industry

High Precision Mechanics Industry

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