Smita Steels have invested a pool of manual expertise and capital into modern and
robust equipment that adds value to our steel bars and help us meet
the trending demand of the global steel arena.

We produce hundreds of different grades in varying combinations, shapes, sizes, and most importantly the formation which depends on our raw substance and temperature of our furnaces. Our top-rated grades involve Mild steel, carbon and alloy steel, which wield increased protection against any shortcomings in our customer varied stringent applications. Encompassing a wide array of steel grades and bars, Smita Steels conforms to diverse global standards and returns with satisfied buyer experience.

Our steel bars are available in different grades and finishes, sizes and shapes, as per the requirement of our client.

Our rolling units specialize in producing Black Round Bars from 16mm to 170mm, RCS from 50mm to 120mm, Hexagons from 18.5 mm to 80mm, Squares from 17.3mm to 60mm, Flat Bars from 1008mm to 18065mm. All these bars can be converted to Bright Bars to meet our highest quality standards. High-end global industries and companies use our products in forging industries, electrical and machinery industries, grating industries, engineering component manufacturing, shafting applications, automobile industry and many other segments. Featuring superior dimensional, mechanical & metallurgical properties, steel bars from Smita Steels are proudly delivered with our extensive logistic programs, in great compliance with your customized needs and following strict order schedule.

Products Range

Our products range from a variety of grades and varying combinations, shapes, sizes, and most importantly the formation based on our raw substance, temperature of our furnaces & maintenance of our equipment.

Alloy Steel Bars

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Bright Steel Bars

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Cold Drawn wire rods & coils

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Peeled & grounds bars

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Special Steel Profiles & Cross Section

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Wire Rods

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    We also export to different countries

    We take pride in our ability to export our products to various countries across the globe, serving a diverse and global clientele. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a reliable partner in the steel industry. Whether you're looking for high-quality steel bars for your construction project or need a reliable supplier for your manufacturing business, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs.

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    Smita Steels has one of the widest range of steel grades for production of Hot Rolled Round & Flat Bars. We use state of the art technology in our rolling mill’s.

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    We also export to different countries

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